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November 2017 – Inauguration of Union Espana Library!

The Union Espana Library was officially inaugurated at the end of November with a wonderful Fiesta organized by the teachers, students, and members of the community. Union Espana is a school with over 400 students, but what makes it unique is that it is the central school for 8 smaller satellite schools. That means that students from these 8 rural schools walk all the way to Union Espana to make use of its library resources. We saw that the resources available at Union Espana were few, of poor quality, very old and mostly in English. We knew it was time they had a big, bright and beautiful new library building of their own where all of these students can come to read in a peaceful and organized environment!

The even better news about this library inauguration is that when the local government officials saw the work that SchoolBOX was doing to provide quality library resources to its schools, they decided to pay for the salary of a full-time librarian to begin working at Union Espana’s new library. It is a dream come true. This library will open up new worlds through books for generations of children.

Here are some photos from inauguration day:

The students of Union Espana and our SchoolBOX construction crew gathered for the Fiesta.


There were dance performances, and then the eager students got to see the library for the first time!


The outside of the new library.


The inside of the new library, complete with reading tables and chairs, and shelves filled with beautiful books.