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December 2017 – Equator volunteers build a school in coffee country

From November 23rd – December 2nd, seven dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers arrived in Nicaragua with Equator Coffee Roasters to build their third classroom with SchoolBOX. They traveled to Matagapla, in the heart of Nicaraguan coffee country, to build a new classroom for El Porvenir School. Surrounded by coffee plantations, this school serves children whose parents primarily earn a living by picking and processing coffee. The kindergartners were sharing a classroom with the 5th & 6th graders, separated by only a plastic tarp. You can imagine that the environment was not at all conducive to learning. Thanks to the generosity of our partners at Equator Coffee Roasters, these students will soon have a brand new classroom to continue their studies in!

Craig, Otto, Shannon, Johanna, Jason, Mark and Aislinn worked hard at El Porvenir, helping to break ground and tie rebar for the walls of the new classroom. They were also able to visit the first classroom that Equator built in Jalapa, and also take a tour of Prococer Coffee Co-op, a fair trade and organic coffee farm that supplies coffee beans to Equator!

We are grateful to each of our volunteers for their love, passion, and dedication to the cause of education for all children in Nicaragua.

Here are some photos from the week:

The welcome Fiesta, and Mark, Aislinn and Craig tying rebar.


Shannon, Johannes, Jason and Aislinn dig in and work hard on El Porvenir.


First blocks ceremony and the whole group after a week of hard work!


Views of El Porvenir from the coffee jungles above.