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December 2017 – Equator #3 Classroom at El Porvenir Complete

A brand new classroom and washroom funded by Equator Coffee Roasters was inaugurated on December 22nd, 2017 at El Porvenir School in the coffee region of Matagalpa. This school, with spectacular views of the mountain-side coffee plantations that characterize the region, was severely overcrowded forcing the grade 1 and grade 5 students to share a single classroom separated only by a plastic tarp. It was noisy, distracting, and difficult for teachers to teach in the crowded conditions. The community was thrilled when they heard that Equator Coffee Roasters was the sponsor of a new classroom at El Porvenir, and they enjoyed meeting and working alongside the volunteers from Equator when they traveled to Nicaragua to build the school in November/December.

The community’s enthusiasm at the inauguration ceremony of the new classroom was not dampened by the rainy weather that day, and shone through in the speeches from teachers, community members and government officials that were in attendance. The students are currently on winter break, but will return to school in February to find a brand new classroom waiting for them to study in!!

Here are some photos from the inauguration ceremony: