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January 2018 – Mark & Susan tie the knot in support of SchoolBOX!

On January 2nd, 2018, friends and family of Mark and Susan gathered together at the Mill Street Brewery in Ottawa to celebrate the joining of their lives and families in marriage. But that is not all they were celebrating – Mark and Susan wanted their wedding to impact not only their own lives but the lives of less fortunate children in Nicaragua. In lieu of gifts, they decided to ask for donations to build a new classroom with SchoolBOX!

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, and we were overwhelmed by the support and generosity shown by Mark and Susan’s community. So many people got behind their vision to empower children with a new classroom, and as a result over $19,000 was donated to SchoolBOX in honour of Mark and Susan!

The happy couple will be traveling to Nicaragua in March 2019 to build their new classroom, along with a team of eager friends and family members. Learn more about our volunteer program here.


Photos of the beautiful evening:

The wedding was featured in the Ottawa Citizen ‘Social Scene’ section: