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February 2018 – First supplies delivery of 2018 at Ruben Dario School

Our team in Nicaragua started the week with a trip to Ruben Dario School where we delivered the first educational packages for 2018! Since the new school year begins in Nicaragua in February, these students at Ruben Dario will be able to begin their year with brand new supplies, including notebooks, pencils, a ruler, sharpener, and eraser, plus coloured pencils for the older grades and Plasticine for the younger grades.

We had so much fun with the kids at Ruben Dario, and are looking forward to delivering over 20,000 supplies to our partner schools all over Nicaragua in 2018. Each school supply package delivered into the hands of a child represents an opportunity to beat the odds, and graduate from primary school!

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Here are some photos of the happy students at Ruben Dario with their new school supplies: