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April 2018 – Wishing Sarah and her family all the best!

Sarah has been ‘making education possible’ at SchoolBOX for a decade. As Executive Director, she led SchoolBOX fearlessly on our mission to educate every boy and girl in Nicaragua. We are empowering 20,000 children this year with school supplies and breaking ground on our 100th classroom! Sarah also founded our Indigenous Youth Empowering Students program and created our first Indigenous library in Canada.

She is expecting her second child, and is going on parental leave today. We wish Sarah and her family all the best. We will miss her!

Jon Tam will take over from Sarah as Acting Executive Director. Jon wrote a letter thanking Sarah for her work in our April e-newsletter:

I am energized and excited to be taking on the role of Acting Executive Director at SchoolBOX. Since I was first introduced to SchoolBOX in 2010 as a volunteer, I have been continually impressed by the strength of students, teachers and parents within our Nicaraguan partner communities. Their fight to get a basic education is inspiring.

I would like to recognize the tireless work that Sarah Kerr has poured into SchoolBOX, as she officially goes on maternity leave today. For over a decade, she has put her entire heart and soul into empowering Nicaraguans and Indigenous youth through education. She has lead SchoolBOX into a position of strength, empowering almost 20,000 students in 100+ communities around Nicaragua. We will miss her this year, but wish her and her growing family all the best.

I am grateful for the confidence that Sarah, Tom and the entire SchoolBOX community has had in me over the years. I strive to continue their remarkable work. 

Check out the video below of friends and supporters sharing words of encouragement for Sarah: