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May 2018 – Progress on Classroom 100 at El Caracol School

The community of El Caracol is extremely remote. It lacked many basic services, including a school. Brave teachers and eager students were persevering and making use of an open-air tin roof rancho for classes. However, they were often affected by the elements like wind, dust, heat and rain, and the learning conditions were poor.

In February, SchoolBOX laid the first bricks at El Caracol’s new classroom in the company of our Founder Tom Affleck. It was an emotional day for all, as SchoolBOX realized our dream of building 100 classrooms and the community of El Caracol was finally getting their much-awaited new school!

The community lacked road-access, and all people and materials needed to come in on foot or on horse-back. We new that we needed a road to transport materials in for the classroom construction, so our team worked with generous volunteers to clear a new access road one rock at a time. It was not easy, but it was possible with team work!

With the new road cleared, we were able to transport trucks full of cement, rebar, water, and other contruction essentials up to El Caracol. Last week we dug the footings for the foundation, and mapped out the foot print of the classroom.

The community is extremely welcoming, and everyone is so excited to see their new school come to life.

Here are some photos of our progress at El Caracol. Stay tuned for more as construction continues!