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September 2018 – Inauguration of Classroom #100

The month of September marked a monumental milestone for SchoolBOX. After a three and a half month hiatus due to the socio political crisis in Nicaragua, our team returned to work and completed our 100th Classroom in Nicaragua at the El Caracol School in Telica.

The completion of this milestone classroom was a testament to the drive and commitment of Tom Affleck, Sarah Kerr, Ronald Chavarria, and Jazmin Lopez. They worked hard to make their dream a reality by creating a fantastic value and systems based organization with the help of our community of supporters.

The community of El Caracol is overjoyed with their new bright and beautiful classroom. Parents built a makeshift wooden structure with their bare hands in 2003, so that their children could have a more secure location to take classes. When we first visited this community, we knew that despite the parents’ best efforts, that they needed a safer place for children to receive an education.

The children in the community now have a bright and beautiful classroom that they can use for generations to come. Thanks to the town of Almonte, Derek St. Jean, and Savvy Company for their generosity. This classroom is dedicated in memory of Sarah Zannella.