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September 2018 – Breaking Ground on Classrooms #101 & #102

We were so pleased to break ground on our 101st and 102nd classrooms in the community of La Paz Cristo, outside of La Paz Centro in Nicaragua. This deserving community was over the moon with the news that they would be getting a brand new classroom and a large library classroom to help their community deal with the problem of overcrowding in classrooms.

The parents and teachers have pledged to offer up their services to volunteer with the construction process. Our goal is to finish up the construction of these two classrooms before Christmas, so that the community can enter the holiday season on a high note!

Thanks to Maureen Daag for sponsoring the 101st classroom. She raised funds through tutoring students math over the years, and also from the estate of her parents. She is a dedicated member of the SchoolBOX family, and we are so happy to have her family’s support!