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November 2018 – Amazing Visit to Canada

Ronald, Jazmin, Jonathan, Bryant and Benjamin were fortunate enough to visit Canada in October. They had so many highlights to their trip thank to our family of supporters. They kicked off their visit with the 13th Annual Latin Fiesta in Almonte where they were able to experience small town hospitality and meet SchoolBOX supporters new and old. They were able to visit Parliament Hill and other Ottawa tourist destinations as well as Niagara Falls, and the CN Tower in Toronto.

They were able to experience their first snowfall together as a family and build a snowman!

Ronald, Jazmin and their family were able to visit many donors in Ottawa and Toronto, and were also able to participate in the Q3 SchoolBOX Board Meeting.

Thanks to our entire family of donors and supporters for making the Chavarria’s family trip an unforgettable one!