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November 2018 – School Construction Update

The Antonia Garcia de Toruño School is nearing completion. Over 60% of the school has been built, and the aim is still to complete the two classrooms before Christmas. Teachers and parents have been working hard around the clock by volunteering with the construction process.

SchoolBOX Director, Ronald Chavarria, has been very impressed with the community involvement with this construction process.  He stated that “this community is really working hard to provide a basic education for future generations. I am so impressed by all of the parents and teachers that have been volunteering around the clock to help finish this school!”

When the project is completed in December, it will have one classroom, and one double library classroom with 1250 books for the school, surrounding community, and 6 neighbouring schools to use.

Thanks to all of our supporters for making this dream a reality!

Check out this video update for one of the classrooms!