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January 2019 – Agateyte School Half Way Complete

The SchoolBOX team and community volunteers have been working around the clock to finish the Agateyte School in Chinandega over the past few weeks. Parents and teachers have been coming out in droves to complete the new classroom before the start of the school year in early February.

The community originally built a makeshift rancho, so that their children did not have to learn underneath the blistering sun, and had some shelter from the rain during the wet season. The parents want to give their children a chance to better their lives and know that education is the best path towards this.

The foundation of the classroom is done, the walls are starting to come up, and the spirit of the students, parents and teachers are brightening. We are so happy that the classroom is 55% complete!

To learn more about the Agateyte School and how you can help other classroom projects in 2019, please click here:

Check out photos of the Agateyte School’s progress below: