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May 2019 – Fantastic Progress at the Los Laureles School!

Our entire team is delighted to see the walls go up so quickly at the Los Laureles School. It is such a special school, as it is the 7th school built in memory of Brett Bentley Crawford.

We are so grateful for our construction team and the legions of volunteers that have banded together to make this school a reality.

Thank you to Building Walls of Wisdom, who is funding one of the classrooms. It is their 5th project with us in Nicaragua. Their dedication to education in Nicaragua is simply amazing.

We are also grateful to the Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation and the McMaster Women’s Alumni Group who helped raise funds for the other two classrooms.

This 3 classroom school will be a beacon of hope for this impoverished community and provide an education to children for generations to come.

Thanks to all of our partners and supporters for giving these students hope. This project is a testament to how we can all come together and make a huge impact!