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July 2019 – SchoolBOX Logo “Indigenized” by Ojibwe Woodlands Artist, Emily Kewageshig

We’re so thankful to Emily Kewageshig for her talent and thoughtfulness that helped to “Indigenize” our SchoolBOX Logo for the launch of SchoolBOX North and our Indigenous Youth Program (IYES)!  This amazing Ojibwe Woodlands Artist from Saugeen First Nation added some beautiful details to the logo that was originally drawn up by George Birchall and reworked by Lee Valley’s design team.

Emily added Anishinaabe symbols to the SchoolBOX pencil including butterflies which illustrate the cocooning and transformation that is experienced by children through education, a floral design symbolizing safe travels for our volunteers and team and the medicine wheel representing mino-bimaadiziwin (leading a good life) and balance in our mission and values.  Check out her amazing art on her website and on the T-shirts being donned by our July IYES volunteers!