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July 2019 – Welcoming Ilham!

We are happy to welcome Ilham Reda who has joined the SchoolBOX team as the new Marketing and Community Outreach Manager. We are convinced that she will contribute to our mission of “Making Education Possible” in Nicaragua as well as add another layer of success to our efforts.

Ilham has previously worked as a marketing coordinator and school teacher in remote areas. Her experience working as a teacher in communities in need allowed her to acquire first-hand experience of the ability to contribute in ending the cycle of poverty through education. She chose to become a teacher because she experienced many of the struggles that children are facing nowadays in Nicaragua while she was growing up in the Caribbean. She remembers how her own teachers inspired and motivated her to pursue higher education. As a result, she managed to acquire a merit scholarship to complete a master’s degree and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education. Her utmost desire is to continue her professional career in SchoolBOX.

Her name, Ilham, literally translates to inspiration, so she wishes to continue to live by her name and keep on inspiring children to acquire her passion and strong belief in the power of education!