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August 2019 – Los Laureles School is complete

‘Los Laureles School’ in memory of Brett Bentley Crawford is finally complete. This amazing school  is the 7th school in Nicaragua dedicated to Brett. Previously, the school had moved more than 4 times over the past 6 years, but the community now has a permanent and safe location to learn in. The students were most recently learning in a wooden rancho with no walls and a mud floor, and a borrowed broken down house in the community. But the transformation was not only physical; the students, teachers and parents have also undergone an emotional and motivational transformation as they share their gratitude and happiness in the pictures below:


A big thanks to our family of donors for making a transformational change to the ‘Las Noventas’ community in Nicaragua. THANK YOU to the Brett Bentley Crawford Family Foundation, Building Walls of Wisdom, Colleen Krempulec and Kelly Power – along with the hundreds of other supporters who made this dream a reality.


With your support, we built 3 amazing classrooms and 2 washrooms that will empower 71+ children from Preschool to the 4th Grade. The enrolment will no doubt increase with this new school. The children’s happiness, gratitude & new opportunities are beyond measure.


Muchas gracias for ‘Making Education Possible’ in Nicaragua!