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August 2019 – School Supplies IN DEMAND

In Nicaragua, many children don’t attend school for lack of the most basic of supplies. A notebook can literally stand in the way of a child receiving or not receiving a basic education. Why? Because many parents are forced to forgo educational expenses in order to simply survive. For this reason, it is one of our major objectives to deliver educational packages every year to make sure children have the notebooks and stationery needed to attend school.


→ In 2019, SchoolBOX delivered 18,161 educational packages to 17,609 students and 852 teachers in 108 communities. For 2020, we plan to do the same and more! ←

Our Supplies 4 Success program is as important as all our programs because the lack of supplies stands on the way of acquiring a basic education. To overcome this obstacle, the children and teachers of Nicaragua need our support. At SchoolBOX, we are looking forward to delivering the supplies at the beginning of the academic year in Nicaragua, February 2020, and we will only be able to continue ‘Making Education Possible‘ with your support!

Your donations will make the difference! 


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