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August 2019 – 10 Reasons Why Nicaragua & SchoolBOX are a Truly Amazing Match

Dear SchoolBOX family!

I am Ilham, the new Marketing & Community Outreach Manager at SchoolBOX, and after my first visit to Nicaragua in July, I decided to prepare a summary with pictures & captions enlisting why Nicaragua and SchoolBOX are truly amazing! It’s called “10 Reasons Why Nicaragua and SchoolBOX are a Truly Amazing Match


1. The communities where SchoolBOX builds the schools are always welcoming and friendly! Not only are they happy to welcome the volunteer groups, but their gratitude and appreciation are evident!





2. The volunteers help in the school build project alongside the community and it creates a sense of hope and motivation that the local community is extremely happy and thankful to receive.






3. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.





4. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.





5. The community embraces the volunteer groups and a sense of family is created!






6.Then, it was time for the Executive Director Jon Tam and County Director Ronald Chavarria to take the new manager on long and extensive road trips to see other on-going projects!





7. The SchoolBOX team is also on the road to check out prospective projects! They never stop looking for opportunities to continue helping!






8. SchoolBOX is doing a great and admirable work at ‘Making Education Possible’ for children in Nicaragua. Not only have they build 107 classrooms, but also 81 libraries filled with 1250 books!





9. The completed school of Los Laureles is a living proof that can show us that the transformation is real! This transformation will be first-hand lived by the children who will now be able to attend this amazing school and acquire a basic education.





10. Nicaragua is just beautiful!






Thank you & Goodbye!

Gracias y Adios!