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October 2019 — The Biblioteca Blue Lupin Library in Sabana Grande Library is built and inaugurated!

The Library

These amazing pictures show us the completion of the library classroom Biblioteca Blue Lupin Library at the Sabana Grande school in El Sauce, Nicaragua. The library is fully equipped with 1,250 books, desks, posters, and visual aids on the walls to facilitate students’ learning. The library is an excellent resource for the Sabana Grande school students as well as for students in neighbouring schools who will also be able to have access to it. Moreover, parents and members of the whole community of Sabana Grande and close neighbourhoods will be able to benefit from the offerings of this great library.

The Supporters

We would like to thank our donors and supporters for their generosity and support in the construction of this useful library that will help empower children, students, parents and all the members of the Sabana Grande community in Nicaragua. A special thanks to the community and especially to the students’ parents for working hard and volunteering in the construction. You support and constant involvement made of this dream an actual reality! 

The Inauguration

The marvellous pictures above were taken during the Biblioteca Sabana Grande Library inauguration. Teachers, students and members of the community rejoiced alongside the SchoolBOX team in Nicaragua in order to celebrate this incredible achievement that was only possible due to the joint generosity, support and hard work of everyone involved.

Thank you – Mil Gracias!

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