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October 2019 – Las Parcelas School: construction started!

We are extremely happy to share that the construction of Las Parcelas school has started!

We have received incredible support from the community who helped the SchoolBOX team in collecting the sand needed for the project, doing the initial excavation and filling the anti-seismic resistant beam. Thanks to their dedicated support, we can now witness this super fast and amazing advance in the Las Parcelas build project.


In these pictures, you can see its current state and continue to see how it was all achieved! All we can express is our extreme gratitude to everyone supporting SchoolBOX and ‘Making Education Possible’ for the children in Nicaragua. The construction of Las Parcelas School will continue to advance! As you can see, the first walls are now coming into place and this progress will continue until a wonderful school for the children is finally built.


Thank you for ‘Making Education Possible’ in Nicaragua

Boy and girl holding bags of school supplies

Gracias por seguir ‘Haciendo la Educación Posible’ en Nicaragua