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February 2020 – Gabriela Tabora Inaugurated

The Gabriela Tabora School in the community of Paso Hondo in Chinandega, Nicaragua is finished and inaugurated! The students, teachers and parents from the community along with the SchoolBOX team and members from the Ministry of Education gathered to celebrate the inauguration of 2 classrooms and one mini library at the school. The students were extremely happy and excitedly cut the ribbon before entering their new classrooms.

The former school was overcrowded with 45 students studying in one structurally unsound adobe classroom that has sustained considerable earthquake damage. The classroom was a health and safety hazard and would get new cracks every time the earth trembled.

During the inauguration, our Nicaraguan Director Ronald Chavarria thanked the community for their hard work. The community members volunteered hours and helped the SchoolBOX construction team build the new school under very hot weather. Their contribution helped finish the school’s construction quickly. In return, the students and the community also expressed their gratitude by shaking hands to thank each member of the SchoolBOX construction team.

The school was generously donated by Building Walls of Wisdom and by our fantastic family of donors. Thank you for making this dream a reality. This wonderful community will have access to a basic education for generations to come!