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March 2020 – Three Amazing Women are SchoolBOX Ambassadors!

We are so fortunate to have such amazing SchoolBOX ambassadors. Today, we celebrate three amazing women who have given their life to help students get a basic education.

Thank you Dina Bell-Laroche for your tireless dedication to our organization. You have reached into your community and helped build 2 amazing schools and a library for the children of Nicaragua, while channeling your grief.We were so happy to have you and your family in Nicaragua with us 3 times! As you step away from your 6 years on the board, we cannot wait to join you on your journey towards helping more kids!
Thank you Amber Hall for your patience and guidance throughout the years. You helped bring SchoolBOX to the next level. Anything was possible through your leadership, and we were able to accomplish so much. Thank you for opening up SchoolBOX to a wider audience through Equator Coffee Roasters and empowering so many kids with school supplies, and schools! As you step back from your role as Chair of the Board of Directors, we are so happy that you have put us on the right path. We are excited that you will continue to serve on our Board for the near future.
Thank you Natalie Gunn for being such a wonderful champion for education! From your very first trip to Nicaragua, we knew that you were the right person to help lead our organization. Thanks for bringing your family, friends and community into our little organization and building a classroom. We are so thankful that we found each other. A big welcome as you embark on your new challenge of chairing the Board of Directors. We will do great things together!
Thank you!
Thank you! Gracias! Miigwetch!
Thank you!