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April 2016 – Ground Broken on the San Antonio School in Leon

On April 11th, a Canadian volunteer group were greeted in the San Antonio community on the outskirts of Leon. These ten individuals were in Nicaragua to help build a school and to empower an entire community.  When they arrived in the community, they were greeted by students, teachers and parents hugging them and welcoming them.

The first order of business was to lay the ceremonial first blocks and to break ground on the new school project. The entire community surrounded the volunteer group and helped lay the first blocks. This was such a special moment for the volunteer group as it symbolized hope for this impoverished community.

Over 60 students were taking classes in a single classroom. Last year, teachers went from house to house encouraging students who were not in school to enroll. This caused a large influx of students to start attending classes for the first time.  At last count, one third of the students were in the first grade, which is unusual.

Over the course of the next week, the students and the community fell in love with the volunteers. SchoolBOX is so happy that these volunteers had a chance to work with such a beautiful community.

Jennette, Katie, Stephen, Carole, Rick, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Marcia, Christine and Michelle lay the ceremonial first blocks at the San Antonio School.