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April 2016 – Jennette Affleck Delivers Educational Packages in Leon

On April 9, 2016, Jennette Affleck visited the school bearing her name just outside of Leon, Nicaragua. The students and teachers were all smiles, as Jennette handed out educational packages to each and every student individually.

She spoke to every student about the importance of getting a basic education, staying in school and achieving their dreams. Jennette’s School was finished in 2013, but many children have since gone on to attend high school in Leon. They are proof that a safe and secure classroom, combined with the availability of educational supplies and books help propel students to get a basic education.

SchoolBOX salutes Jennette for continually coming to Nicaragua year over year to empower students to stay in school. She is an example of an amazing SchoolBOX Ambassador.

Jennette Affleck with her students surrounding her

Jennettehanding out an educational package to a lucky preschool student

A student is all smiles after receiving her educational package.