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August 2016 – Two volunteer groups help to construct the Gilberto Siles School

From August 13th to 18th, a group of thirteen amazing teachers from the Manitoba Mystery Lakes District spent time in Nicaragua to kick off construction of a brand new classroom at the Gilberto Siles School in Masaya, Nicaragua.

They received a warm welcome from the community in Masaya who were grateful for the chance for their children attend classes under better learning conditions.

From August 18th to 27th, SchoolBOX hosted ten volunteers from the Stittsville United Church that came down to help complete the Gilberto Siles classroom.

The group, composed of young people and adults, spent months fundraising for the trip, and was inspired by the resiliency and joy of the community in Masaya despite the challenges they face providing their children with a basic education.

Both groups worked hard and spent lots of time playing and interacting with the kids. The joy and gift of education was apparent, and experienced by all.

Photos of the group from Mystery Lake, Manitoba:





Photos of the group from Stittsville United Church: