Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Bella Vista School (19th classroom):

Completion Date: March 2011
Community: Bella Vista
Region: Telica, Leon, Nicaragua
# of students: 32
# of teachers: 2
# of classrooms built: 1
# of washrooms: 2

The Need: Bella Vista is an impoverished community that relies on subsistence farming. Children often drop out of school to help with the crops. The previous school was built with whatever materials and expertise that the community had. It was a raw palm leaf structure that did not even provide enough room for the teacher to stand under. The children needed to carry their desks that were stored in a nearby farm everyday to the school, as it was open air. The school needed to be rebuilt every year, as the rainy season all but destroyed it.

Stories from the Build: The community was so supportive during the build. Many moms, dads, brothers and sisters pitched in everyday to help with the construction. The February 2011 volunteer group experienced something amazing. A young boy named Engel was celebrating his birthday during the volunteer experience, and the volunteers learned of the special occasion. They bought a cake, complete with candles, and presents of colouring pencils for each child in his class. The volunteer group eventually surprised Engel during class with the cake. Engel’s smile was unbeliveable. Since that day, he has become a leader amongst his peers within the community. Two international volunteer groups joined forces with SchoolBOX and the community to help construct the school.

The Finished Product: The one classroom/2 washroom school was completed in just under 2 months. The inauguration was attended by the ‘Viaje Nicaragua’ Volunteer Group from Carp, Ontario. The new school has provided increased motivation for the children of Bella Vista, as well as the teachers who have a safe and secure environment to empower their students.

Bella Vista School Before

Bella Vista School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX has returned to the Bella Vista School to deliver educational packages since the school has been finished. The children, teachers and community are so grateful for their new school.