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Many schools in Central America lack basic supplies for teachers. Most of SchoolBOX’s partner schools do not have access to text books, reference books, and story books. For many children, their only exposure to books are the text books that they share with their classmates, if any are available. For the vast majority of students in our partner schools, reading is only done in the classroom. SchoolBOX wants to help students learn to love reading and make it a part of their daily life!

Creative thinking, reasoning, innovation, and developing opinions all start when children learn to read for education and for enjoyment.

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In 2012, SchoolBOX started implementing their first mini-libraries under the Books Program and has since provided 74 libraries to partner schools around Nicaragua.

Schools receive a selection of around 250-300 books. These books consist of text books, reference books, story books, picture books and novels for teachers and students to use. The books are housed weather proof, lockable bookcases and teachers are provided with sturdy containers to transport them between classes.

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Teachers also receive training on how to organize and care for the books, in addition to teaching creatively with books, silent reading as a teaching tool, and how to read in a creative manner to their students.

SchoolBOX also provides toys and games within the library package so that children can develop problem-solving and motor skills.

In 2015, SchoolBOX introduced ‘reading days’ at its partner schools. SchoolBOX staff along with parents, teachers and students participate in reading games, discussion, song and dance to promote a love of reading. The reading days are an overwhelming success, as children all over the country learned to love reading. SchoolBOX continues to expand its reading day program to bring the joy of reading to more partner communities.

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