Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Brett #2 School (46th, 47th, 48th, 49th classrooms)

Completion Date: November 2013
Community: 15 de Septiembre Region: Tipitapa, Nicaragua
# of students: 129
# of teachers: 6
# of classrooms built: 4
# of washrooms: 3

The Need: Their school was originally located in a church, but had since moved to a structure that was built by the parents. The school was made of wood, plastic, and shoddy metal sheets.  The roof had holes, and the floor was dirt.  During the rainy season, the kids often could not attend classes, because the floor turns to mud.  Students would carry their own chairs and desks to school every day in the hopes of getting an education.

Stories from the build: The construction commenced in April 2013 and was completed in November of that same year. This amazing community was a tremendous help in the build process, may community members helped with construction. The community was very welcoming to the SchoolBOX construction team and volunteers.

The Finished Product: In early November 2013 the Brett#2 School was completed after a final coat of paint. The entire community came out to celebrate this milestone with SchoolBOX. The students and teachers were so happy to have beautiful new classrooms to ‘Make Education Possible’ for the children of Quince de Septiember.

The Aftermath:  By the time the new school year begins in 2014, the Brett #2 School in Quince de Septiembre will have a new mini-library to provide additional learning resources for teachers and students.

15 de septiembre School Before
Brett #2 School After