Image00001 Completed Classrooms

La Cenicera School (24th, 25th classrooms):

Completion Date: October 2011
Community: La Cenicera
Region: El Sauce, Nicaragua
# of students: 55
# of teachers: 2
# of classrooms built: 2
# of washrooms: 2

The Need: La Cenicera is an impoverished community outside of El Sauce, Nicaragua. Their previous school looked more like a broken down barn, than a building where children are supposed to learn. It only had 3 walls, and the roof did not provide any shelter from the sun or the rain. This was evident when the school’s dirt floors turned to mud during rainy season. The communiy is comprised of mostly subsistence farmers, who make an average of $750 annually. Children are often encouraged to work instead of attending school.

Stories from the build: Originally SchoolBOX had planned to build one classroom for La Cenicera. Enrolment was initially 33 students when construction began, and had increased to 55 students when the first classroom was completed. The increased enrolment, and the amazing support from the community made the choice to build a second classroom easy. Two international volunteer groups helped with the building at La Cenicera.

The Finished Product: The community was overjoyed with the two classrooms. The community showed their commitment to education as the school saw an enrolment increase of over 66%. The two classrooms will now provide shelter from the elements.

La Cenicera School Before  

La Cenicera School After

Continued Support: SchoolBOX is proud to deliver educational packages to all students and teachers at La Cenicera School. La Cenicera participated in the El Sauce Soccer Dreams tournament in 2012, and were crowned champions.