Equator Coffee Roasters

Volunteer Trip – November 2020

SchoolBOX is helping thousands of children in Nicaragua go to school. We could not make this possible without the passion and generosity of our international volunteers.

Equator Coffee Roasters is organizing a 10-day group trip to help construct one more Equator Classroom (Caño #2 Classroom) in Nicaragua. The group, alongside parents, teachers and students, will help build the Equator classroom at El Caño School in Waslala, a coffee region of Nicaragua. This trip is scheduled for November 12th till November 21st, 2020.

If you would like to join the Equator Coffee Roasters amazing volunteer group and participate in this rewarding volunteering experience, learn more about the build project below and register here.

Equator’s School Build Project: Caño #2 Classroom 

Equator Coffee Roaster is committed to build a classroom at the El Caño School. The school is in Waslala, a town in the Northern coffee region of Nicaragua. Currently, 3 teachers instruct 77 children from preschool till Grade 6. The local conditions consists of crumbling blocks, a wooden structure ravaged by termites and some beams falling over. Undoubtedly, students’ health and safety are at risk. Despite the danger, many students still walk up to 4km per day through the mountainous region just to go to school.

Click here to read more details about the classroom or watch the video below to see the conditions and learn more about this promising build project:

Since 2010…

Equator Coffee Roasters has been a huge supporter of SchoolBOX since 2010. Equator donates 10 cents for every pound of coffee roasted to SchoolBOX and has helped empower thousands of students to get a basic education in Nicaragua. Through the generosity of Equator Coffee Roasters, their wholesalers and customers, SchoolBOX has been able to build a classroom in honour of Equator and empower 12,000+ students with educational supplies. In November 2016, a team of volunteers from Equator Coffee Roasters travelled Nicaragua to build the second Equator Classroom in the Gracias a Dios School in San Juan de Rio Coco, a coffee region of Nicaragua. For more information on the project, please click here.