Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Equator San Antonio School (45th classroom):

Completion Date: May 2013
Community: San Antonio
Region: Jalapa, Nicaragua
# of students: 25
# of teachers: 2
# of classrooms built: 1
# of washrooms: 1

The Need: The previous school was falling apart, not well ventilated, and too small for the number of students. When it rains, water leaks through the holes in the roof, turning the dirt floor to mud. Students are forced to learn outside due to the lack of space, and at 900m above sea level, it gets quite windy. The teaches and students deperately needed a new space to learn, and to be protected from the elements.

Stories from the build: Construction of the school commenced in April of 2013 and finished in May of that same year. The community was very involved in the construction process and were very eager to help on a daily basis. The SchoolBOX construction team was welcomed into the community, where they were housed and fed.

The Finished Product: SchoolBOX completed the 1 classroom/1 washroom school in May 2013. The volunteer build group fro Equator Coffee was on hand for the inauguration of the school. The entire group rode up the side of the mountain in the back of the SchoolBOX truck to get to the school. Once they arrived, they were welcomed by the community, representatives from the city, the Ministry of Education, teachers, students, and members of the local coffee cooperative. The students were so happy to sit in their new desks provided by the Ministry of Education, and SchoolBOX was so surprised when the coffee cooperative showed up with educational packages for all of the students. The involvement of the community was simply amazing.

_2013_29_05_Equator Before
Equator San Antonio School Before   

_2013_29_05_Equator After
Equator San Antonio School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX will deliver a mini library to the students in the late Summer, early Fall of 2013. The mini library will provide much needed materials for the teachers to inspire, and for the students to learn to love reading.