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February 2016 – Ground Broken on El Porvenir School

February 12th was a momentous occasion for the El Porvenir community as 11 amazing women and one amazing young man helped ceremonially break ground on their school!~The volunteer group and the entire community were on hand as they placed the first pillar into the ground.

The El Porvenir School is grossly overcrowded, so their 5th and 6th grade students were forced to learn in a wooden shack covered in plastic that was built by their parents. The ground breaking of this school symbolized hope for this tight knit community, as their children will soon have a dignified place to learn.

SchoolBOX was so happy to have this amazing volunteer group on hand for this special moment, as they have worked hard to raise thousands of dollars to help empower children to get a basic education in Nicaragua.

Devlin, Peggy, Kimothy, Kyra, Joan, Diane, Ann, Lindsay, Sue, Taylore, Terri, and Tammy celebrate with the El Porvenir community.