Making Education Possible ‘From the Ground Up’

Help Natalie Gunn build a classroom in Nicaragua!

Education should be the right of every child. Tragically, in this world, education is a privilege and not a right.

Growing up, I never thought twice about my schooling. The basic tools for education: pencils, notebooks, school bag, the building to learn in, were never considered a luxury. That in itself is a gift that I, admittedly, took for granted. Sadly, accessibility to these items prevent children from around the world from getting a basic education.

In late 2016, I traveled to Nicaragua with SchoolBOX to participate in a classroom build. Witnessing first hand children hungry to learn has had a lasting impact. I was welcomed with open arms by children, parents and teachers whose eyes were lit by the possibility of promising change. I’ll never forget that moment for it is when the vision for this school build was born.

The From the Ground Up trip will take place during the summer of 2019. If impacting the lives of children through education is something that speaks to you, consider a volunteer trip with SchoolBOX and even join this group.

A child without education is like a building without a foundation. Each cinder block laid during this project creates immeasurable change. Let’s build a school together, from the ground up!

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