Fundraise for SchoolBOX

Want to make a difference with SchoolBOX?  Check out these fun and easy ways to raise funds and awareness in your local community.

Are your classmates/colleagues interested in improving education in Central America? Do you wish to raise awareness and funds for SchoolBOX at your high school/work place? If the answer to both of these questions is YES, then your school/workplace is a candidate for a SchoolBOX Guest Speaker.

SchoolBOX Guest Speakers can be members of the SchoolBOX team, board of directors, previous volunteers or special SchoolBOX Ambassadors. They will come to your premises prepared with a thought provoking and entertaining presentation for your audience.

The goal of these presentations is to raise awareness and funds for our work to ‘ Make Education Possible’ SchoolBOX requests that your workplace or school commits to a fundraising initiative before or after the presentation.

Fundraising initiatives can be as easy as raising enough money to purchase educational packages ($5 per educational package), or as ambitious as raising enough money to build a classroom.

All funds are important, and the sky is the limit!

Have neighbours pledge you to spend X number of hours (pick something absurd and stick to it) picking up litter in your neighbourhood. (Their streets, front lawns, parks and school.)  Then follow through!  Collect the pledges up front (for logistical reasons, because you’re busy).  Use tweets or a picture log to share your adventure with your donors.

Car Wash:
Host a car wash in the summer: Grab some friends to help!

Tea Party:
At a retirement home or at your local Kindergarten or both, put together a tea party.  Sell tickets.  Have treats donated by friends or family.

Garage sales:
Friends, family and neighbours donate their stuff to your sale and then buy it all back! Advertise in a donated newspaper ad to increase your customers and catch professional bargain hunters.  Mention that the sale is for charity; people are likely to pay more if it’s for a good cause. Send out flyers in your area asking for donations and advertise in shops, on telephone poles, etc. Have a donation jar and SchoolBOX information available.

Have a local band play at a venue free of charge and sell tickets in advance and at the door.

Coffee House:
Charge an entry fee for an Open Mic night that you host at local place.

Sports Events:
Host intramural/team sports events at school.  Student-teacher games are great and classes can pay to get out of class to watch!

Bachelor Auction:
Get some single beaus and some free dates (e.g. free movie passes, restaurant certificates, horseback riding lessons) and put on a bachelor auction with a women’s association or students union.

Host a dance at your local community centre/school. All proceeds to go to SchoolBOX. It may be easier to ask an established Dance to sponsor SchoolBOX rather than trying to do a new one by yourself.

Sell Food:
Do Pay Day Lunches for organizations/teachers.  Make all the food with your friends, get pre-orders and sell it!  Have a local grocery store or family donate the ingredients.  Wrap lunches or Lasagna pans have been successful.

Raffles or 50/50 Draw:
Couple your event with a raffle that includes employee perks or donations from your employer.  (Pat has donated airline tickets.)

Cocktail Parties:
Host a party for your friends and associates.  This is a good way to make it personal to them and an opportunity for them to ask questions.

Themed Parties:
Find an exciting venue that fits your theme, ask a friend to D.J./perform themed music, have fun games.  Charge cover to attend.

Ask a skilled friend or instructor to give an introductory session free, and then charge tickets for SchoolBOX.  E.g., Dance class, drumming circle, yoga class, native art workshop.

Bar and Pub Nights:
Get your local watering hole to donate a percentage or the entire night’s cover to SchoolBOX.

West Ottawa Girls Soccer Hosts Run for SchoolBOX

The West Ottawa Warriors traded cleats for running shoes, taking their belief in the power of sport to transform communities to new lengths.  With wonderful determination, leadership, and persistence, these ladies raised money for SchoolBOX via a 5k run.

Along with their coach, the girls designed and ran in their own benefit run, with proceeds going to SchoolBOX.  Their first year’s success inspired them to host a second run in which they will invite even more participants.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Although Mike and Millie Maloney’s Cake Auction began as a fundraiser for a different cause, they quickly turned this delicious idea into an incredible, edible fundraiser that helps multiple causes and that the entire community enjoys.

Here’s the gist: Mike and Millie both work for local schools.  For one day—for a really good cause—the teachers, administrators, and students let their sweet tooths out for a Cake Auction.  The students spend a week raising money to bid on a “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too” Cake.  But this is no simple fundraiser.  This is an intense competition.  Classes compete to raise the most funds.

Then, the day of the big reveal arrives and the pocket books open!  Each cake—works of art and creativity that increase in scale, complexity, and sheer jaw-dropping extravagance each year—is baked by a teacher or parent.  And they are stunning!

Mike tells of one cake, a big, round, chocolate confection with a pictureof a Husky on top, in honour of the school—the Sacred Huskies—that went for $250!  One teacher uses 17 cake mixes to make a Giant Orange Octopus. Other cakes have included a replica hockey rink the size of a card table with chocolate bars for lines and a replica of Big Ben with a working timepiece!

In 2012, the even brought in over $30,000 for 12 charities.  SchoolBOX is one of those. No doubt part of what makes this event so successful is the novelty of the cakes themselves—and the lure of an afternoon free from classes with a guaranteed sugar high at the end.  But Mike and his co-workers, too, play an integral part.  They hype it up all week long.  They get cheesy; they get excited!  They get others worked up for a good cause that promises and delivers bountiful, eye-popping rewards for everyone.  It has become a good time annual tradition that is still on the rise.  Get it?  Rise?  Baking?

Equator Coffee loves to Make Education Possible!

Craig and Amber Hall turn their place of business into a long-running fundraiser.  Equator Coffee is a wonderful hub in Almonte where you can find high end, fair trade coffee and goods.  You’ll also find generous, friendly staff who take their commitment to fair trade seriously.

Craig and Amber first helped SchoolBOX by acting as Tom’s office space when SchoolBOX was first starting out, equipping him with Wi-Fi, coffee, and even, occasionally, a desk!  Now, they continue their support and invite their customers to do so as well!  Equator can proudly say that they, together with SchoolBOX, have made education possible in Jalapa, Nicaragua.

Skydive Toronto’s – Skydive 4 SchoolBOX

Jump out of a plane to support SchoolBOX?  Absolutely!  In 2011, SchoolBOX had a slightly unusual fundraiser through SKYDIVE Toronto.  It makes sense, though, if you happen to love to skydive!

But that relationship is just the beginning.  Skydive Toronto owners Joe Chow and wife Claire came down to visit SchoolBOX in Nicaragua in 2011.  Impressed by what they saw, the Chows decided to sponsor a soccer court at Shirley Case #1.  Moreover, they donated $1 from every jump in 2012!