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January 2016 – $8500 raised for the Brett #5 School

Friday, January 29th was a great night for SchoolBOX and their supporters in the Toronto community. The Monarch Tavern was full of fun and laughter as a large contingent of SchoolBOX supporters danced their heart out in support of the Brett #5 School.

The night was fun for all of the attendees, but it also accomplished its goal. Over $8500 was raised to build the Brett #5 School in Masaya, Nicaragua.  The funds raised that night will go a long way towards building a school for 83+ students who are currently learning under a makeshift structure of wood and metal.

SchoolBOX and the Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation wish to thank all of their supporters for an amazing evening.

For more information on the Brett #5 School, please visit

SchoolBOX supporters at the Dance Your Heart Out event with SchoolBOX Executive Director, Sarah Kerr.