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January 2016 – Bordos Martinez School Inaugurated!

The entire community of Bordos Martinez showed up to celebrate the inauguration of a 2-classroom school. The community has been waiting for the past 8 years for a school for their children.

The community conditions are quite difficult, as they all live on top of a mountain that becomes inaccessible to motor traffic during rainy season. The parents all chipped in to build a makeshift classroom made out of wood and metal for their children.

When the SchoolBOX team needed to deliver building materials to the community, over 20 members of the community pulled up their sleeves and helped fix the road to make the delivery possible.

During the construction phase, a record number of community members showed up every day in order to complete the school in time for the upcoming school year.

SchoolBOX is so happy to have worked with the Bordos Martinez community.  Their beautiful community will grow and develop thanks to their brand new school.

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