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July 2016 – Gilberto Siles School visited by Volunteers for the First Time

In July 2016, a volunteer group descended upon the Gilberto Siles community for a quick visit. SchoolBOX will be building one classroom at the Gilberto Siles School starting August 2016. This school is funded by the Union of Solicitor General Employees, who strongly believe in empowering this community with a basic education.

The community was amazingly welcome to all of the volunteers and showered them with love. They are so happy that they will have a bright and beautiful classroom to call their own in the very near future. Currently the students are learning in a makeshift shack built out of metal sheets and wood by their parents and other community members.

SchoolBOX is so appreciative to USGE and all of their members for supporting this amazing project! We look forward to welcoming two volunteer groups to this beautiful community in August.

gilberto siles
Matt Smart & Friends visited the Gilberto Siles for the first time in July 2016.