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July 2016 – SchoolBOX hosts 20 volunteers at the Mirna Martinez School

July was a great month for the community of Valles de las Americas. Two volunteer groups from Canada descended upon Nicaragua to help build the Mirna Martinez School and to empower an entire community.

The two groups comprised of 20 volunteers worked really hard to build the the two classroom school in this impoverished community outside of Masaya. SchoolBOX is so appreciative of the volunteers who chose to return to Nicaragua for another volunteer build. Matt Smart, Mariane Graham, William Passmore and Silvie Dawes returned to Nicaragua for their second trip and Brooke Sullivan actually participated in her third international volunteer experience.

Matt Smart & Marianne Graham, came to Nicaragua in 2014 to help build the Marcos Lainez School in Leon. They were so happy with their SchoolBOX experience that thy decided to organize another group to come to Nicaragua. Their friend Brooke Sullivan, a two time volunteer, decided to join them again! The entire group fell in love with the chidren of the community and had created a close bond with the SchoolBOX team.

William Passmore and Silvie Dawes came to Nicaragua in 2014 as well to help to build the Jardines de Apoyo School. They were able to put together a new group group of people eager to help to develop another impoverished community. Two churches in the Ottawa Area – St. Paul’s & St. Thomas- were able to send their members to share their love at the Mirna Martinez School.

SchoolBOX is so thankful for all of their international volunteers who give up their precious time to promote basic education in Nicaragua. It is especially amazing to see supporters return again to volunteer in subsequent years.

matt smart group
The Matt Smart & Friends group travelled to Nicaragua in July 2016 to work on the Mirna Martinez School in Masaya.

st pauls
The St. Thomas & St. Paul’s group empowered the community of Valle de las Americas by helping to build the Mirna Martinez School in July 2016.