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June 2016 – Fantastic Progress on the Brett #5 School

The SchoolBOX construction team has been working hard on the Brett #5 School just outside of Masaya. They are working hard to complete the two classroom school so that the students can move out of their makeshift school built out of wood and metal sheeting by their parents.

The school was founded by a local woman named Mirna Martinez, who gave up parts of her own house to hold classes for students who could not walk long distances along a busy road to a school in another community. She believed that the community needed a school, so she took it upon herself to ‘Make Education Possible’ for her community.

SchoolBOX would like to thank the Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation for sponsoring the school. This is the 5th school that has been built in Nicaragua in memory of Brett Bentley Crawford. Her light continues to shine on within the students at the five schools that bear her name.

SchoolBOX is so happy to welcome two volunteer groups in July to help build this school and to also help empower the children to get a basic education.

Mirna Martinez and some of the students at the Brett #5 School

Brett 5 Progress 1_1
The walls at the Brett #5 School are getting higher

Brett 5 Progress 3_1
Our construction team is working hard with the community to make this community’s dream a reality.