Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Las Cruces School (1st, 2nd, 3rd classrooms):

Completion Date: August 2008
Community: San Jose del Sur
Region: Ometepe, Nicaragua
# of students: 43
# of teachers: 3
# of classrooms built: 3

The Need: Las Cruces School has been waiting for years to have a permanent school building. Students were being taught in borrowed buildings, under ranchos, and in various houses in the community of San Jose del Sur. The school kept on getting bounced around to different locations. When SchoolBOX found the school there were 3 full classes of kindergarten studying in a neighbourhood house.

Stories from the Build: SchoolBOX worked with the Municipal Governement and the Owners of a hotel called Charco Verde to help make this build possible. The movement of materials was all done by oxen and cart. All the members of the community came out to help with the construction as well. This school build will be remembered for the amazing welcoming parties that the community members held. The owners of Charco Verde housed the SchoolBOX team for free for the duration of the school build.

The Finished Product: The community of San Jose del Sur is proud to have a three classroom school. The children no longer need to move locations at a moments notice. The teachers are happy that the school is in a stable location.

Las Cruces School Before     

Las Cruces School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX continues to deliver educational packages to the school.