Leave a SchoolBOX Legacy

What is your legacy?
Leave a SchoolBOX Legacy and help to “Make Education Possible” for years to come. Future gifts to SchoolBOX can have a large impact on the children we support and will help SchoolBOX plan into the future. Your SchoolBOX legacy can easily be done by speaking to your financial planner to include future gifts through your estate, life insurance settlement, or through stocks and securities. Anyone can leave a SchoolBOX legacy. It is never too early or too late to include SchoolBOX in your legacy giving plans. Your contribution can reduce or eliminate estate taxes and/or capital gains taxes. You will also be eligible for an official charitable tax receipt.

Contributions can be made in the form of:

  • Bequests or Gifts through an estate
  • Life insurance
  • Stocks & Securities

Create your SchoolBOX Legacy through a charitable bequest by specifying SchoolBOX in your will with a fixed amount, percentage, or the residual of the estate. It is quick and easy to make an addition to your will that benefits SchoolBOX, and the amendment can be changed at any time. Please consult your financial planner for the easy steps to start your SchoolBOX legacy.

Life Insurance
Life insurance policies left to SchoolBOX can have an amazing impact for the organization. You can either transfer ownership of your life insurance policy to SchoolBOX, or add SchoolBOX as a beneficiary on the policy. Speak to your insurance broker about leaving a SchoolBOX legacy when purchasing a new life insurance policy, or making an amendment to an existing policy.

Stocks & Securities
An alternative way of ‘Making Education Possible’ is to donate stocks and/or securities to SchoolBOX.  Donating stocks and securities is an effective way of making an immediate impact during your lifetime, or as part of your legacy gift.

Currently under Canada Revenue Agency rules, 50% of the capital gains on stocks and securities are taxed at the individual’s personal tax rate.  If the stocks and securities are donated to SchoolBOX, then the user can avoid this capital gains tax, and also receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the asset.  Donating stocks & securities to SchoolBOX is an easy and effective way to provide the gift of education today, and  get a benefit on your tax return.

How to leave your SchoolBOX Legacy
In order to leave a SchoolBOX legacy, please contact your financial planner and/or insurance broker for assistance.
The following information will make the process simpler:
1) Official Organization Name:
SchoolBOX Inc
2) CRA Charitable Registration Number:
3) Full Address:
SchoolBOX Inc
Mill Street
P.O. Box 201
Almonte, ON
Canada, K0A 1A0


After you have left your SchoolBOX Legacy
SchoolBOX and the thousands of students and teachers that benefit thank you for your generosity. If you have left SchoolBOX a legacy gift, please contact our Financial Manager Jo Danaher – finance@schoolbox.ca, so that SchoolBOX is aware of your action for future planning and growth.

Please tell your friends and family of your intention to give to SchoolBOX as it might encourage others to do the same.

SchoolBOX can allocate your bequest to specific programs.  If no specification is made, then the bequest will be directed to the area of operations where it is most needed.

  • Our legal name is SchoolBOX Inc.
  • SchoolBOX encourages you and your family to seek professional financial and legal advice to ensure that your financial goals and your tax situation are taken into consideration.  Your planned gift will help SchoolBOX, but it must fit your requirements. The information provided here is intended as a brief overview and does not constitute financial advice.

More information about leaving a SchoolBOX Legacy
If you require more information in regards to leaving your SchoolBOX Legacy, please contact Sarah Kerr at sarah@schoolbox.ca.