Little Bricks

jenn and elizabethIn April of 2016, Jennifer & Elizabeth travelled to Nicaragua to volunteer with SchoolBOX. While volunteering, they developed an amazing connection with the San Antonio community.

The SchoolBOX community was so fortunate that Jennifer & Elizabeth were able to spend time reading with the kids in their communities and continually encouraged them to stay in school and to study hard.

Before Jennifer & Elizabeth left Nicaragua, they decided to work towards building a classroom with SchoolBOX in 2017. Jennifer, Elizabeth and Irelynd Tackabury are committed towards working within their communities to raise enough to build a classroom.

Their campaign is called “Little Bricks”. The Tackabury Family believes that it takes little bricks to build a community. Love and encouragement are symbolic bricks that help build the confidence of students in our partner communities and help them achieve their dreams through a basic education. Cement blocks are also little bricks that physically contribute to the structure of safe and secure classrooms for students all across Nicaragua.

The Tackabury family has joined forces with two more amazing friends and volunteers named Claudette and Laura to complete Little Bricks. They are appealing to their communities to join them in their quest to build a new classroom at the Flor de Sacuanjoche School. If everyone contributes little bricks to their campaign, they will reach their goal of building an entire classroom in Nicaragua.

The Little Bricks team will head to Nicaragua in July of 2017 to help build their classroom.

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The Little Bricks Classroom will be empower countless students in a deserving community for generations to come. Let’s work together to make this dream a reality.  Please click below to Donate Now.


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About SchoolBOX
SchoolBOX is an organization that is committed to ‘Making Education Possible’ for the children of Nicaragua. SchoolBOX implements cost effective programming by building schools, providing school supplies, libraries, teacher training and school soccer programs.

SchoolBOX has built 84+ classrooms in Nicaragua and serves over 18,000 students and teachers in over 100 communities on an annual basis. SchoolBOX is committed to eliminate poverty through education.