Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Little Corn Island School (7th classroom):

Completion Date: February 2009
Community: Little Corn Island
Region: RAAN, Nicaragua
# of students: 135
# of teachers: 7
# of classrooms built: 1
# of classrooms renovated: 2
# of washrooms: 2

The Need: SchoolBOX found this school when they were building the San Santiago School on Big Corn Island. The school was grossly overcrowded, as they were using morning, afternoon, and weekend shifts to keep up with the demand of the student population. Many kids would drop out, because of the conditions of the school.

Stories from the Build: This was the first build that Sue and Harvey Griggs (SchoolBOX Board of Directors) were involved with. All of the students also helped fundraise for their school, through the ‘1 Brick for my School’ Campaign. Each student raised $1 that went towards a brick for their school. They worked with local businesses and tourists in order to raise these funds. The director, Miss Orpha was an amazing community leader, and still runs the school.

The Finished Product: SchoolBOX was able to construct one classroom and renovate two others through the hard work of their volunteers. The students were so happy that they had three amazing classrooms to learn in.

Little Corn Island School During Construction  

Little Corn Island School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX delivered educational packages to the school in 2011, and is currently evaluating the needs of the school for the future.