Loyalty Funding + SchoolBOX. Give back while you shop!

SchoolBOX has partnered with Loyalty Funding to offer a new way to donate and ‘Make Education Possible’. Giving back can be as easy as shopping at the stores you already go to, with a portion of the sale being donated to SchoolBOX… but at no extra cost to you! Interested?

“Fundraising with LoyaltyFunding is simple, automatic and doesn’t cost you¬†anything more than you would already spend each month on your groceries, gas and coffee purchases. You simply set up a monthly subscription to receive gift cards to the retailers you already normally shop with. The payment will be automatically taken out each month and you will receive your cards in the mail. You pay exactly the same amount as the value of the cards you receive.

Since we pre-purchase the gift cards in bulk, the retailers give us a discount. We, in turn, donate a portion of that discount to the charity you specify. It’s that simple.

When that discounted portion is designated to a registered Canadian Charity, you are eligible for a charitable tax receipt for the amount that is donated. So not only are you supporting a charity through the purchases you would have already been making, you are also receiving a tax benefit come tax time.”

In order to support SchoolBOX through your purchase of Loyalty Funding gift cards, you must designate SchoolBOX as your charity of choice. In order to do that, visit www.loyaltyfunding.ca/support-a-cause, and then select ‘SchoolBOX’ from the list of possible charities:

You can also simply visit our SchoolBOX page on the Loyalty Funding website here: www.loyaltyfunding.ca/schoolbox

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to order your Loyalty Funding gift cards online in support of SchoolBOX. These are so many gift card options you can choose from! The gift cards will be mailed to you each month so you can shop, and a portion of the value of each gift card will be donated to SchoolBOX.