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March 2016 – Breaking Ground on the Brett #5 School

March 2016, proved to be a busy month for SchoolBOX. Our team was privileged to receive to welcome the Crawford Family to Nicaragua to visit our partner communities and to empower students to get a basic education.

Richard, Lori, Devon, Kate and Dylan visited all four Brett Schools in Managua, Tipitapa, Masaya and Ciudad Sandino and experienced handing out educational packages and participating in reading days with the students. They were able to also impart their words of wisdom to all of the students and encourage them to stay in school and realise their dreams.

The Crawford Family were so impressed by the conditions in the four schools that were build in memory of Brett Bentley Crawford. Over 2100 students are now attending classes in these four schools. They truly believe that the memory of Brett is alive and well in the hearts and minds of the students at her schools.

SchoolBOX and a small community just outside of Masaya were lucky enough to take part in the ceremonial first block ceremony with the entire Crawford Family. Together, everyone broke ground on the the fifth Brett School. The Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation, the Crawford Family and SchoolBOX are so appreciative of the continued support of their communities over the past 6 years.  Together, we have made education possible for thousands of children!

Below is a video chronicling the journey of the Crawford Family and their amazing gift of 4 classrooms in memory of Brett.

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bella cruz
The Crawford Family outside the Brett #4 School in Ciudad Sandino

brett 1
The Crawford Family with students from the Brett #1 School in Managua after handing out educational packages.

The Brett #5 School in Masaya. 74 students are currently learning under a shelter made out of tin and wood that was built by their parents.

The Crawford Family along with Sarah, Ronald and the entire community celebrate the ceremonial first block at the Brett #5 School.