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March 2016 – Celebrating SchoolBOX’s 75th Classroom

On March 16, 2016, SchoolBOX celebrated a key milestone in their history. SchoolBOX celebrated the completion of their 74th and 75th classrooms in Nicaragua at the Marvin Salazar School just outside of Tipitapa.

Hundreds of community members, students and delegates were on hand for this inauguration.  SchoolBOX was also very happy to welcome the Griggs Family comprised of Sue, Andrea, Afshin, Zoya and Leila. SchoolBOX Founder Tom Affleck, Executive Director, Sarah Kerr and their daughter Hannah also enjoyed this amazing milestone in person!

Sue and her husband Harvey are long time SchoolBOX champions who have poured their heart and soul into the organization. Sue was brought to tears as Jazmin Lopez announced that the 74th and 75th classrooms were built in honour of her and Harvey. It was a magical moment as she was surrounded by her family and friends during the announcement.

SchoolBOX is so proud to have had the support of Sue, Harvey and their entire family. They are truly a great example of how a family is making a huge difference in the lives of countless children.IMG_3842
The entire Griggs Family, along with Ronald, Tom, Sarah and Hannah officially open the Marvin Salazar School to the community.

The children are all smiles as they stream into Classroom #75 for the first time.

The SchoolBOX team along with Sue Griggs enjoy Classroom #75

The SchoolBOX team stands with Sue Griggs outside of the Marvin Salazar School.