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March 2016 – One Hundred Thousandth Education Package Delivered

Earlier this month, we were so happy to deliver the 100,000th education package in the presence of an amazing family of SchoolBOX Ambassadors.

The recipient will be going to high school next year and is actually slated to be the valedictorian. Her dreams are to become a fashion designer and to help provide for her family.

The Griggs Family were on hand at the Brett #4 School in Ciudad Sandino to deliver the monumental educational package to a lucky girl in the 6th Grade. Leila Griggs helped her family all morning by handing out school supplies to hundreds of children. This moment was special for her, as she raised money for SchoolBOX through the sale of her hand made earrings. Her efforts have raised hundreds of dollars for SchoolBOX and provided countless children with access to the supplies needed to get a basic education.

Ambassadors such as Leila have helped SchoolBOX empower thousands of children each year to get a basic education.

From left to right: Ronald, Jazmin, Andrea, Sue, Leila, Zoya and Sarah celebrate the delivery of the 100,000th educational package delivered in Nicaragua.