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March 2016 – SchoolBOX Welcomes Accora Village to Nicaragua

In March of 2016, 8 youth and 6 chaperones from Accora Village made the trip to Nicaragua to build a school and empower a community. The group of 14 visited several SchoolBOX sites in Nicaragua, including the Los Salgados School that was previously built from a generous donation from Accora Village.

The team worked hard all week to build the El Porvenir School as they were making rebar, and helping to solidify the foundation of the school. Even though they were so busy,  they found time to play with the children of the community and to encourage them to say in school and to chase their dreams. The children of the El Porvenir community absolutely fell in love with the entire group and were teary eyed when the group had to leave.

The El Porvenir Community is so grateful to Accora Village for their support. The children were previously learning in a makeshift classroom built out of wood and plastic tarps. Once their classroom is complete in April, they will be learning in a safe, secure and learning enabling environment.

The Accora Village Group at the Los Salgados School in Leon.  This school was completed at the beginning of 2015 and was sponsored by Accora Village.

Youth from Accora Village enjoying their volunteer experience at the El Porvenir School.