Mark and Susan’s Classroom

Building our life together/building a school together!

Susan and Mark officially joined their lives and families together on January 2, 2018, when they tied the knot.

Mark and Susan have been amazing supporters of SchoolBOX since their family trip to Nicaragua in 2017 with their children Gray and Olivia.

When they got married at the beginning of 2018, they did not ask for wedding gifts, but wanted their gift to be a donation to SchoolBOX to support the La Castilla School in Nicaragua.

Their wedding gifts, coupled with several family run fundraising events raised enough funds to build the La Castilla School in Matagalpa in 2020.

Mark, Susan, Gray and Olivia were able to experience the joy of ‘Making Education Possible’ for a beautiful community by travelling to Nicaragua to build them a beautiful classroom. Previously, students were learning in a wooden rancho with a dirt floor that became mud during the rainy season. The Ford-Griffin Family and their supporters provided a dignified learning environment for these students for generations to come.

Check out the before pictures of this classroom:

Check out the after pictures of this classroom:

Education is a necessity, and a luxury, that we sometimes take for granted. In Nicaragua, where just 56% of children are able to complete elementary school, SchoolBOX empowers locals to build schools and run programming to reach the poorest of the poor.

They are committed to supplying the students and teachers at this school with educational packages year over year. Their goal is to raise $900 each year for the students and teachers of the La Castilla School. This money will go directly to support educational packages which include notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers and other tools that empower learning for an entire year.

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