Matt’s Dream

Matt Smart was just 15 years old when he first traveled to Nicaragua with the charity SchoolBOX. He volunteered to build a school and made amazing friendships with the children where he was volunteering. During his trip, he saw the extreme poverty that many families face, and the barriers that all too often prevent children from getting a basic education. When he came back home, he knew he had to do something more to help.

Matt is currently pursuing Early Childhood Education at Algonquin College in Ottawa and hopes to become a teacher. With the strong support of people like Marianne Graham (a friend and mentor to Matt) as well as his entire community of family and friends, Matt decided to raise money for an entire classroom in Nicaragua. He is currently over half-way to meeting his goal of $24,000 CAD. You can help him raise the second half!

Matt will lead a team of volunteers to build a new classroom at Las Parcelas School in summer 2018. For more information on the SchoolBOX Volunteer Program, visit:

‘Matt’s Dream’ at Las Parcelas School

Las Parcelas School is located in a remote community on the Pacific coast, close to the city of El Viejo, Chinandega. Realizing the importance of education, a determined teacher named Gloria Herrera started a kindergarten in a local church 3 years ago. After some time, a generous community member donated land for the little school to be built to accommodate higher grades. With little to no resources of their own, Gloria and some parents at the school lobbied an NGO to donate a tree that they could use to construct wooden beams for an open air, thatched roof rancho. This became the first ‘classroom’ at Las Parcelas, and 17 resilient children gather there each day to learn. However, this open-air classroom exposes the children to rain, dust and heat which makes it difficult to get the quality education they deserve. The community is so excited that SchoolBOX will soon equip Las Parcelas School with its very first real classroom building ever!

Current conditions at Las Parcelas School:

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About SchoolBOX
SchoolBOX is an organization that is committed to ‘Making Education Possible’ for the children of Nicaragua. SchoolBOX implements cost-effective programming by building schools, providing school supplies, libraries, teacher training and school soccer programs.

SchoolBOX has built 84+ classrooms in Nicaragua and serves over 18,000 students and teachers in over 100 communities on an annual basis. SchoolBOX is committed to eliminating poverty through education.

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